REAL productivity for real life™

REAL productivity can be a life changing experience. In this process, you will get coached on how to be Realistic about your time and space. You will get help identifying what is Essential in your life. You will be encouraged to be Authentic to who you are by empowered and intentional choices. Lastly, you will be able to create Livable spaces and processes that are customized as well as easy to maintain.

Menu of Services

Productivity Consulting

Do you want to increase your productivity? With a background in engineering and lean manufacturing, Amy Tokos, CPO®  is a problem solver and a master at simplifying processes.  Amy works with executives, business owners and work teams to increase productivity by implementing better processes, creating focus time and strategizing more efficient daily routines.  

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Residential Organizing Services

Your productivity not only affects your work life.  Your personal routines and home organization can either support your goals or hold you back. It's all about being intentional with what you choose to do with your space/time and setting up customized solutions to protect your time plus support your goals.  

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Event Speaker

As an expert in the productivity and organizing industry, Amy Tokos, CPO® speaks on topics related to productivity in the workplace, business organizing, and home organizing.  Her experience as a mom, engineer, professional organizer, productivity consultant, and business owner, gives her lots of fun stories and great tips to share! 

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