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REAL organizing is what Amy Tokos, CPO® does every day. She works with her clients to help them be Realistic about their time and space. She helps them identify what is Essential in their life. She encourages them to be Authentic to who they are by encouraging empowered and intentional choices. Lastly, She helps her clients create Livable spaces and processes that are customized as well as easy to maintain.

Menu of Services

Virtual Organizing

Amy can help you virtually. With her expertise, you will be on the way to a more organized life. You can share your work screen or do a live video chat to share your organizing challenges. She will help create custom solutions and be your accountability partner through the whole process. 

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Residential Organizing Services

Amy will help you be intentional with what you choose to keep in your space and what you do with your time. You will get customize solutions to fit your goals. 

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Productivity Consulting

Amy can help you set up your processes, be strategic with your schedule and make the most of your time. Your business or workplace productivity will increase as you become intentional and set good boundaries.

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Commercial Organizing

Amy can help with the messy supply rooms and your employee hubs.  A little organization will go a long way in helping with employee satisfaction.  She will bring in containers and lots of labels to get the job done.   

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Event Speaker

Amy Tokos, CPO®, is an expert in the productivity and organizing industry.  She speaks about productivity for the workplace, business organizing, and home organizing.  Her experience as a mom, engineer, professional organizer, productivity consultant, and business owner, gives her lots of fun stories and great tips to share! 

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Transitional Moving Unpacking & Organizing Services

Moving and transitioning in life is a process. Amy can help make it seamless. She offers services whether you are moving your family, downsizing or transitioning to a different lifestyle, or your entire office building is relocating. Let her do all the unpacking and organizing so you can have functionality and efficiency in your space from day one.

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Become an Organizer

If your goal is a thriving organizing or productivity business, we can help. Amy is a Certified Professional Organizer and  is the President of NAPO. She is also a top media expert for the productivity and organizing industry.  She will share what’s important for your start-up and what’s needed for your continued success. 

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