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#1 WFH and Summer Survival Tip: Have Good Boundaries

Boundaries are super important when it comes to organization and aligning your time with your priorities. 

There are three areas to be mindful of when creating good boundaries.  

  • Time:  When we work from home, personal time can get blurred with work time.  Be intentional about when you are working and when you’re not working.  Create a schedule to protect work time and personal time. Think outside the normal box to customize your schedule. 
  • Space:  Where are you working while at home?  Having a designated space not only helps with focus, it helps to communicate to everyone in the house that you are working. If you do not have a formal office space, try to create a temporary space in a secluded area of your home.
  • People:  Set up a way to let people know when you’re available for conversation.  A quick conversation about what’s for dinner may seem harmless, unless you’re in the middle of something.  Having headphones on or hanging a sign, can communicate that you’re not available for a conversation.

After you establish your boundaries, communicate them with everyone in your home and on your work team.  Encourage your colleagues and house mates to create boundaries of their own. 

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