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Ask the Pros: What are your favorite kitchen organizing tricks?

Last week we shared how Amy Lamar, a professional organizer from our team, likes to organizeLamar her kitchen. If you are ready to get your kitchen organized, Amy recommends these easy-to-implement kitchen organizing tricks.

  1. Portable wire shelves are great space-savers because they give you double the storage space.
  2. Organize spices by type: I put the spices that I use for cooking on one shelf, and the spices that I use for baking on another shelf.
  3. Store baking supplies (hand mixer, rolling pin, mixing bowls, baking pans) separate from my cooking supplies (frying pan, pots, 13×9 pans).
  4. Store pots with their corresponding lids on the pots rather than in a separate spot.
  5. Keep most-used utensils since in a more accessible drawer than ones that are used only periodically.
  6. Treat the kitchen as “prime real estate.” You won’t find items such as a cake saver, seasonal trays or baskets in my kitchen since I don’t use them every day. Those items are stored in the basement.
  7. Stack whatever I can by type to save space. For example, I stack my plastic cereal bowls together, my ceramic salad bowls together, my everyday plates together and my “guest” plates together. I do the same with plastic cups. Everything else is sorted by type (glass drinking glasses are together, mugs are together, large plastic cups are together, etc.).
  8. Sort food by type: snacks; for cooking; for baking; for lunches. Consider giving each family member has his/her own shelf in the kitchen cabinet as well.

Want more kitchen organizing tricks? Get inspired with our Pinterest board.


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