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Ask the Pros: How do you organize your kitchen?

Each month we like to choose one room that we can offer followers advice on how to organize. LamarThis month it’s the kitchen. One of our professional organizers, Amy Lamar, had a ton of great advice and practical tips. We especially love her advice on letting the junk drawer be the junk drawer!

Q:   Kitchen organization can seem overwhelming. What’s the best first step?

A: The first step of any organizing project is to take everything out of the space and sort it into piles of like items so you can see what you have. That way it’s easy to see what you aren’t using/don’t want, and thus can get rid of. With a kitchen in particular, I would take the items out one drawer/cabinet at a time. For a cabinet full of reusable containers, for example, first match up the containers with their corresponding lids. Then you can stack them by size and put them back in the cabinet in such a way that maximizes your space and gives you easy access to the containers.

Q: What approach have you taken in your own kitchen?  If you have a photo that you could share, that would be greatly appreciated!

A: Lazy Susans are the best! If you have room in a cabinet for a Lazy Susan, they are well worth the investment. You’ll never have to struggle with hard-to-reach items again!

Q: When a task feels absolutely impossible how do you motivate yourself? 

A: By tackling it in small chunks. Do a little bit at a time, with the least desirable tasks first.

Q:  Sometimes we slip out of good habits or revert back to old ways. What’s your trick to maintaining organization? Any specific thing you do on a daily or weekly basis to keep your kitchen (or home or office) organized? 

A: Organization is definitely a daily task. I make sure that everything is in its place every day so things don’t get piled up. This is easier said than done for my kids, but our goal is to have all toys, school papers, mail, etc., in its place before we go to bed—at least on the main floor of our house.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A:  Let the junk drawer be a junk drawer. I don’t sort it or organize it in any way. Since so much of this stuff is hard to categorize, don’t drive yourself crazy.

Amy has been an organizing consultant with Freshly Organized for nearly two years. In addition, she has written several columns on organizing.
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