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Ask the Pros: How do you organize your laundry room & system?

Each month we like to choose one room that we can offer followers advice on how to organize. This month it’s the laundry room. One of our professional organizers, Kimberly Mercure, had a ton of great advice and practical tips. 

Q:   What’s the first step you should take when you decide to tackle your laundry room and laundry system?

A: Take a look at the laundry products you have. See if you can decrease the number. Are there some you are no longer using? Are there some of the same products that are nearly empty that you could combine? Store laundry products so they are easy to reach, but out of sight. Also, ask yourself what is and is not working in terms of your laundry system or set-up.  Determine what you can modify if something is not working.

Q: How do you handle laundry in your own home?

A: I have a family of two adults and two teenage children who play sports.  We have a colored hamper for colored clothes, a white hamper for white clothes, and a small basket for delicates of any color. I like to keep only one set of hampers as we live in a smaller ranch-style home and rooms are close in proximity. We try to do only 1 load of each type (colors, whites, and delicates) per week using a larger capacity washer/dryer and only 1 load per day. Of course there are exceptions; like when we have company or have large amounts of bedding or towels.

Part of being organized is finding what works for you. There is not just one way to manage laundry, but the above info was shared hoping it might get you thinking about your routine and if you could possibly modify or simplify some aspects.

Also, I try to have only one detergent, one stain remover product, and dryer sheets in my cabinet above washer and dryer.

Q. Any new favorite organizing products, tools, books, etc. that you want to share?

A: Recently, I have been using another organizer’s idea. I use smaller boxes or containers that I already own to help manage and corral like items in larger drawers.

Q:  How do you motivate yourself to stick with your organization systems in general?

A: I like to do a little general tidying-up everyday so I’m not overwhelmed with larger tasks. To me, tidying-up means putting things back in their place  not on counters, beds, floors, etc. My house is not perfect and because we have been in the home for several years there are always areas (drawers, closets, etc.) that have not been looked at in a while.


Kimberly is new to the Freshly Organized team. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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