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Balance…Is It Possible?

If balance is the goal, what does it really look like?  Does it mean you’re sitting down having breakfast every morning with the family or is it just having the time to say good morning to the family before you take off for the day?  Is it having time to engage in self-care activities or do you just want to not be working every evening?  What ever it is, you get to define it and know that it can be achieved.

Since your priorities tie to what you spend your time on, one step to achieving balance is identifying your priorities.  The definition of priority is “a thing that is regarded as more important than another”.  Aligning your priorities with how you spend your time will bring about real change in your balance. 

We do an exercise with our clients where we have them identify their top 5 life priorities.  Two of the top things typically on their lists are health and family/friend relationships. Then we ask them to look at their calendar to check if there is any time scheduled for their top priorities. 

Going through this exercise helps you see whether you are aligning your time with your priorities.  If health is a top priority, do you have time scheduled to get some exercise or do meal planning?  If you think these things will just happen organically through out your week, you might end up with other things pushing them to the end of the day and by then, you’re to tired so it just doesn’t happen.

The key is to schedule your priorities. Schedule time to exercise.  Schedule time to meal plan the week. If relationships are a priority, set a goal of how often you want to connect with friends or family. Allocate the time on your schedule which will make it more likely to happen. This will keep you connected with intentionality.   Scheduling time for your priorities will help you honor them and that’s what creates balance.

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  • Ellen Delap

    I love this topic because I strive for balance. It depends on whether you think of balance as the scales that are in equilibrium. I learned through pilates that balance can look and feel like a million small movements to stay in balance. Thinking this way is more what balance looks like for me.

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