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We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Organizing!



The last 10 years have been filled with lots of organizing and many moments to celebrate.  I have learned a lot and I am thankful for much.

Things I’ve learned when organizing:

  • Organizing isn’t just about stuff.  It’s just as much about people, communication and processes.
  • We all make choices on how we spend our time.  What’s important to you will be reflected in what you do everyday.
  • A business isn’t just about doing the thing you love…there’s a lot of other stuff that you have to do to make it successful, like blog, lol.
  • It’s important to surround yourself with good people.  Being one of those good people is more important.
  • There are lots of organizing books and tips out there, find the things that work for you.
  • Keep it real.  Magazines and online pictures are staged.  Don’t measure your organizing success against those pictures.
  • It is really fun to do what you love.
  • Always keep learning.  I learn new things everyday.  One of my favorite resources for learning in our profession is NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals)

What I’m thankful for:

  • All of our clients.  Each one of our clients teaches me something new and for that I am thankful.
  • The wonderful Freshly Organized Team, present and past.  I only hire people who can help our clients and also make me better.

~Amy Tokos

Owner of Freshly Organized



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