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Cheap and Easy DIY Organizing Solutions

When we start on our journey to get organized, many times it’s easiest to start simple and cheap.  After a period of time, we figure out what works best for us and what doesn’t work.  If processes are working then we can invest in nicer solutions if needed.  Below are some super simple strategies and supplies to get you started on your journey to get organized. 

Simple strategies that will help you get organized

  1. Put all your hangers backwards.  You only have to do this once.  After you wear an item you can return the hanger to the correct way.  This works in the coat closet and main clothes closets. Items that aren’t getting worn can be removed and donated.
  2. Designate a donate bin.  All the items you are removing from your home need a landing place.  Having donate bins in the master closet area and maybe another area can help the whole family keep the house from feeling cluttered.  This pairs nicely with the backwards hangers.
  3. Keep your recycle bin handy.  The amount of paper that goes out of the house needs to match the amount of paper that come in to keep a home from getting too messy.  A handy recycle bin makes it easier to get rid of paper.
  4. Store sheets in matching pillow case.  You’ll never have to look for matching sets again.
  5. Do a 10 minute daily clean up.  The whole family can help.  All hands on deck for 10 minutes in the evening can make a real difference when you wake up in the morning.

Simple supplies that will help you get organized

How to use hooks for jewelry
  1. Refrigerator clips for kids’ active papers.  You can have a clip for every kid to help keep spelling lists, reading records and party invites handy.  You can also color code these or write initial on them so everybody knows who’s is who’s.
  2. Over the door shoe organizer to organize small stuffed animals in kid’s room or hats and gloves in entry way.
  3. Tension rod can be used vertically in cabinets to help divide and stand cookie sheets and cutting boards.  They can also be used horizontally under a sink to hang spray bottles.
  4. Plastic bin in cabinet can be used to work like a drawer.  If need space for water bottles or plastic storage containers a bin in a cabinet can be a nice container when drawers aren’t available.  Just measure the opening and find a bin that fits the best.
  5. Shoes boxes, extra food storage containers, empty check boxes can all be used as drawer dividers.  They work well for junk drawers, makeup drawers and clothing drawers.  If you like the way they work, you can cover them with fabric to make them look nicer.
  6. Crown molding to hang heels on wall.  If your lacking in shoe space but have lots of wall space this is a great solution for low use heels.
  7. Anyone who likes to be organized loves a good hook. Their uses vary.  They can be used in the kitchen or bathroom for towels, in the bedroom for jewelry or in an entry way for high use jackets.  The uses go on and on.
  8. Small open file box for papers that need to stay handy.  All those papers on your kitchen counter just need a place to land.  Having a small file box can contain them and keep them handy. 

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