Amy Tokos, Founder Freshly Organized

Do you or your team need help being more productive at work? Amy's background is in engineering and lean manufacturing.  She is a problem solver and a master at simplifying processes.  She can help employees, small business owners and work teams be more productive.

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One on One
Productivity Consulting

Organization and time management skills just don’t come naturally to everyone.  This time will be spent getting you or your employee organized plus include time management techniques. The fee includes email access between sessions.

fee: $1500/employee for 12 sessions
Whole Office
Office Process Improvements

Need a consultant to see your business with a fresh set of eyes?  Amy will spend time with you and your employees to identify process obstacles and help create solutions that will increase efficiency. Fee depends on time needed to access processes.

Fee varies
Team Training
Team Development Presentation

This 2-4 hour presentation will begin with input from the team on what the biggest productivity challenges are in the workspace. Then Amy will facilitate a team building experience that focuses on the biggest organizing challenges and helps the team brainstorm solutions to create a more productive work environment.

Fee: $1000
Group Training
Desk Organizing and Process Improvements Training Event:

  Amy will meet with a group of 3 to 10 employees for a full day of office organizing and process improvements. She begins the day with a training session, then each employee returns their spaces to work on organizing with Amy's guidance. Amy will spend time with each of the participants to identify process obstacles and help create customized solutions that will increase their productivity and efficiency.  At the end of the day all the employees will have a much improved work space. 

Fee is $250 per employee.