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Do You Edit?

The first step to organizing is to remove from our space the items we no longer need or want.

We were recently working with a client and had a conversation about removing the unwanted items from their space.  In the discussion, our client mentioned purging, and then said they preferred to use the word edit.  We agree! 

If you’ve ever written a piece, you know that you get so focused on certain things, that we don’t see what’s right in front of us. That’s why an editor can help.  They help change/remove/alter the items so it’s a better reflection of what you want to have in your writing.  That’s exactly what we do in people’s spaces!

Amy was recently quoted in an organizing article with The Home Edit organizers. If you have Netflix, you know them.  They have the show Get Organized with The Home Edit.  It’s inspiring everyone watching to organize their spaces.  Along with that, you can find their stylish products at The Container Store.

So let’s start editing!  Here are the Top 10 items we came up with that people are editing… 

  1. Unmatched socks
  2. Extra water bottles
  3. Extra buttons
  4. VHS tapes
  5. expired medicine
  6. organizing books
  7. cookbooks you no longer use
  8. old magazines
  9. bad/extra photos
  10. carry out menus

There’s much more, but this is a good start!  We hope we’ve inspired you to edit!  

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