Yes, I know you have questions. Listed below are a few of the questions I get all the time along with their answers.

If you would like additional information or would like to chat, please feel free to email me at

[email protected] or

you can call or text me at 402-670-3271. 


I wish I could as much as I wish I had a magic wand!  The reality is that I need you there to create a system that works for you. All organizing solutions are customized. I ask lots of questions to identify your needs and current obstacles. I then brainstorm with you to identify solutions that would work.

No. I prefer to see your space in its normal state. This will give me a good idea of where to start and what needs to be implemented.

Nothing at all.  I always try to repurpose organizing products you already have in your home. After that, I will recommend products if needed.

I have a very strict confidentiality policy and respect my clients’ privacy. I do not share who my clients are or post pictures of their spaces. I do encourage my clients to take their own  “before pictures” when we start working together.  This will help you see the progress being made over time, but those pictures are for your own use.

To become a CPO®, Amy had to meet specific standards, proven through examination and client interaction, that demonstrates that she possesses a body of knowledge and experience that have been independently verified, and that her knowledge and experience are up-to-date. 

There are many good charities that can use your unwanted stuff. You can find a great list on the Keep Omaha Beautiful website.

I want to help you tackle those areas of your life that cause stress and make positive changes in your home, office, and family. To help you do this, I have compiled toolboxes on several different topics and created Freshly Organized Toolboxes  

Seasonal Checklists are also available and will provide a good starting point for you.

For some general guidelines on paper, H&R Block has published Filing Cabinet Fix-Up: What To Keep and What To Pitch, which is a good starting place.