Simplify life with Freshly Organized checklists

Checklists are a powerful organizing tool. Not only do they minimize all the little tasks you have racing around your head, but they provide a plan. A clear path of action. It’s simple, you just tackle one item at a time until every item on the list has been crossed off.

It seems like the start of new seasons is when we are in most need of a game plan. There’s so much to do and every season brings a whole new set of to-dos. In the spring, check the air conditioner, plan the garden, etc. And, in the fall, check the tires on the car, plan for the holidays, and so on and so on. To help you manage all those seasonal to-do’s, we’ve created a few helpful checklists. You might need to add a few specific items for your house and family, but they should provide a good starting point for you.

2017 FO Spring Checklist

Back-To-School Checklist

Fall To-Do


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