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Finding You Sweet Spot

I have a favorite saying, “Happiness is a place between too little and too much”. I’ve noticed this applies to almost anything. It can apply to stuff, sweets, ideas, projects, and even success. In June of 2020, Sandy Lane and I started the podcast Your Real, Your Ideal and we are back for Season 2.

Our theme this season is change. Things are changing, we are changing and I am guessing you are changing too. Our first podcast for this season was posted the beginning of September on the topic of living your passion and we’ve been getting some good feedback. The conversation really resonated with me because I feel like many of my clients have big goals and big dreams of being more productive so they can live their passion – which is great!!! I do too. We all want to be living our passion. The thing that Sandy and I got to in this conversation was that living your passion is not all joy and happiness. Sometimes it is work. The goal is to find your sweet spot.

You can listen HERE. Enjoy!

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