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Happy Halloween! Are you ready to celebrate?

Ready or not, Halloween is here!


Last week we talked about planning ahead for Halloween to avoid the last minute headaches. Hopefully, you made the time to do the prep work for costumes and classroom treats and are now enjoying the feeling of being prepared and, actually, ready to enjoy a fun evening with your family.

Why not take it a step further? Make Halloween even more enjoyable by planning an easy meal. Maybe it’s a hearty pot of chili and a loaf of warm bread or your favorite crock pot recipe. A simple spread that kids and guests, if you have any, can help themselves to before or after trick-or-treating will make the night easier on you. Since you are so on top of it, you could even use your extra time to glance at some spooky, kid-friendly recipes on pinterest!

Before you call it a night, take a few extra minutes to make sure costumes are in their place and any classroom treats are ready to go for tomorrow.

Congratulations. You are officially ready for a Happy Halloween! Scary, right?


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