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Holiday Clothes: Five Ways To Keep It Organized

It’s the middle of November and from now through January there will be office parties, family gatherings, and lots of nights out with friends. Do you know where your holiday clothes are?  Here are a few tips to get your holiday clothing organized so you look like a million bucks for all the celebrations.

1.     Stick to the Basics and Accessorize: That little black dress will work for all seasons, just snaz it up with a little bit more bling for the holidays. You’ll want some holiday specific items, but multipurpose items will be the gift that keeps giving the whole year.

2.     Keep Holiday Clothing Together: We all have those pieces of our wardrobe that we only wear during the holidays. It can be anything from a sequin blouse to your holiday coat. Designate a separate closet or space to store these items.  If you don’t have a spare closet, then a wardrobe bag will work nicely. The goal is to have all the items together so when it’s time to dress for the holidays you know where to find the right clothes.

3.     Where are my Santa Socks?  Accessories are such fun for the holidays. The pretty necklaces, Cmas jewelryearrings, pins, scarves and, of course, the cute socks are must haves. The issue is…can you find them?  Keep all these items together so they are easy to find. Many times these types of items get mixed in with our everyday clothing and we forget about them over the holidays. Putting everything together in a storage box for the other ten months of the year will help you see what you have. Place this box near your holiday wardrobe.

4.     Clean It Out: When you put all of your holiday pieces together you might notice a few items that you’d never wear again because of the dated style or wrong size.  Now is a great time to get those items to consignment shops. They love having holiday items available over the holiday shopping season. You could also donate the items to your favorite charity.

5.     Holiday Swap Party:  If you are on a budget, but want to mix up your wardrobe a bit, have a holiday swap party. This will give you a chance to swap out your holiday fashion that is still good, but you’ve decided you don’t want to wear it to the office party for the fourth year in a row. Gather all your items and have your friends do the same. Hold a small gathering and swap. You can determine the parameters, but one of my favorites is to go around the room and have each participant pick an item then repeat. You can either do this for keeps or plan to return the items after the holidays. A “new to you” blouse or necklace might be just the thing to increase the holiday cheer and keep your money in the bank.


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