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Make a Summer Bucket List

Simplify for Balance is the theme for spring and the Freshly Organized team has been working hard to help you and your family simplify and plan better. And, we are here to tell you that the month of May is the perfect time to make a summer bucket list.

Chances are you’ve been doing a lot of summer planning (or dreaming): plotting out sports schedules and tournaments, planning vacations, and signing up the kids for camp. Now, that you have some of this on your calendar, it’s the perfect time to fill in the simple stuff. The stuff that makes summer summer.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll blink and it’s back to school, back to the routine.

If you are like most families, summer is a too-short season packed with activity. At Freshly Organized, we also want it to be a time for you to refuel and recharge as an individual, and as a family. This means building in the simple stuff and creating a plan or a family summer bucket list.

Dreaming and planning now will help you you to slow down and enjoy the season – to help you reestablish the balance among relationships, work, hobbies, and volunteer activities that you’ve been striving for this busy spring.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions, maybe early one morning before the day kicks in, on the patio, by yourself with a cup of good coffee!

  • What’s important to you? To your family? What seems to always get in the way of that?
  • What are a few areas that you want to improve? What’s driving you nuts? (The jam-packed garage? The disorganized way you plan meals? Or just simply getting out the door?) What are some simple steps you can take this season to make those improvements?
  • How do you want to enjoy summer? What do you and your family want to do? Take a post-dinner walk together every evening? Weekend bike rides? Maybe just enjoy a some s’mores by the fire pit a few times? Perhaps give yourselves one obligation-free day a week to unplug?

Next step, make a plan of action or a summer bucket list. Remember, keep it simple and get the family involved. With school out, it’s the perfect time to start establishing an improved foundation for family communication, routines, chores, and time management. It’s the perfect time to find balance.


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