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More than a Supply Checklist: Back to School

It has come that time yet again. August is here and summer is winding down.  Are you cheering or crying?  To be honest, most families feel a little bit of both emotions. Whether we are ready for the summer to end or not, a new school year is approaching for many.

One of the first tactical actions we do is run to the big box retailers to get the needed school supplies. There are feelings of anticipation and excitement as we get new notebooks and sharpened pencils. However, to feel productive and truly ready for a new year to begin, there are more routines and areas of the home to consider. A new school year means a transition in routines, schedules, and necessities. 

To make sure your home and family is ready to start the year off smoothly, download and review our Back to School checklist. Take time to think about your spaces in your home and how to establish consistency and organization to reprogramming your family’s weekly schedule.

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