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Organize your Snacks

Kids are always hungry.  Keeping snacks handy and healthy can help minimize the meltdowns.  But the whole snacking situation can be a parent’s biggest challenge.  Here are a few organizing tips that can change that!

Fresh Fruit  This ones obvious but still worth mentioning.  It is always a good snack.  Keep the kids favorites handy in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  The easier it is for them to grab, the more likely they will be to eat it.  No whining and no fighting, right?

Snack Cabinet or Shelf  Having all the snacks in one spot can keep the kids from rummaging through the whole pantry for a snack.  Designate a reachable shelf or cabinet for healthy snacks. The kids can grab and eat as they are hungry.  If you have snacks you don’t want the kids eating, either put them up high or don’t buy them.   If a snack is always creating an argument, then it’s a good one to get out of your house.  Keep the snack shelf away from the breakfast or lunch foods.  Otherwise the kids might grab a snack food for breakfast.

Snack Storage  One of the biggest problems families have is the “empty box in the pantry”.  You know, the kids eat the last one and the empty box sits on the shelf.  The shopper of the family has no idea it’s empty so a new box doesn’t get purchased.  An easy way eliminate this situation is to dump the snacks into an open container.  The container can be a large plastic food storage container (without the lid) you don’t use or a cute basket.  This is a good visual of inventory levels for the shopper plus it makes it easier for the kids to grab a quick something to eat.  If you don’t have the space for a basket, they have nice bins that hang on shelves that work great for grab and go snacks.

Away from Home  Again, kids are always hungry.  Be proactive.  If you have a long evening at the ball field, pack a few snacks.  This will keep you from having to leave a game to feed a starving, temper tantrum throwing 2 year old.  Going on a road trip?  Plan the snacks accordingly.  This is a great time to have the kids help make a trail mix.  Identify the good stuff that needs to go in, give them options, then add some M&M’s and you’ll have happy kids on the road.

Last but not Least, Put it on the List.  If you’re the shopper but you aren’t the one eating all the snacks, you may not know that the inventory is low.  Have a grocery list and pen handy for the kids to add the snacks that are low.  You can shop off the list and there will be no more guessing. This will keep them stocked and keep you from over buying.  So, here’s the catch.  The kids will forget to write things down.  If they do, then no worries, you can get it on the next trip to the store.  Just get it on the list.  This works well for spouses too.








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