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Planning for every holiday

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you are like most people these smaller holidays tend to sneak up on you. Oftentimes, they leave you scrambling to run last-minute errands to buy last-minute gifts and treats.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a game plan for not just the big holidays, but the smaller ones too?

Here are a few simple ideas that could help you plan ahead for holidays big and small.

Put it on your calendar

Most calendars list all the holidays, but if yours doesn’t, a quick search will pull up a site like to help you. Highlight or mark which ones your family celebrates. Don’t forget to add teachers’ appreciation day, secretary’s day, etc. This is an ideal time to add birthdays and anniversaries too.

This will making planning ahead much easier! At the beginning of each month glance through what holidays are coming up and make a list of gifts and cards you might need. Keep that list handy while you are shopping or running errands. For holidays that require a treat to take to the classroom, be sure to add that information to your grocery list.

Maybe there’s a holiday, like St. Patrick’s Day, that you don’t need a gift or card for, but like to prepare a special meal for or have friends and family over. Just add whatever needs to your grocery list and whatever needs to be done to your to-do list.

Prep all cards

If you want to save some time and money, you can purchase boxes of cards for all occasions at craft and discount stores. By doing this you can plan ahead for the whole year by simply addressing the card, sticking on a stamp, and putting it in your calendar for the appropriate month. For example, if you always send your parents a card for their wedding anniversary in July, then address and stamp the envelope of an anniversary card and place it in your calendar in the July section. Come July, the card is there and ready for you to add a few loving words and drop in the mail!

Start a gift closet or box

Find a great book, scarf, or movie on sale? Buy a few extras and store them in your gift closet or box. It’s nice to have a few items on hand for the unexpected and in the long run it saves you time and money. Think simple and generic for these items. Candles, stationery, and specialty candies are ideal to have on hand and also make nice hostess gifts .

Start a kids gift box

In that same closet or in a different box, do the same thing with kid items. Next time your child comes home with a birthday party invitation, you simply pull a few items for them to choose from for a gift. No more standing in the toy aisle while your child decides what to get their friend!

 Discover today how a little planning makes a huge difference.


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