The Residential Organizing Team

Ideas on how we can help organize your residential spaces

  • We can optimize your spaces.  Sometimes a little organization will go a long way with small spaces.
  • We can help with closet organizing and styling.  A fresh look at your closet might be all that's needed.  We can also help design a new system if you want to go all out!
  • We can help prepare for the baby on the way.  Get organized for that little bundle of joy.  We can help you get organized so you have more time to enjoy the baby.
  • We can help you get settled in your new home sweet home.  We can help you unpack and get you organized so you can focus on creating fresh memories in your new home.
Step 1: Assessment Visit to Review Project, Share Ideas and Strategize Plan of Attack



Getting organized is a journey. Having a more relaxed lifestyle is the destination. Let us help get you there with this quick and targeted session. During the appointment, a professional organizer will examine your home and prescribe customized ideas for a stress-free home.  The fee for this assessment is $100 and includes:

  • A home walk-through and assessment with a professional organizer.
  • A follow up call to review your new processes and identify further customization needs.
  • ADD ON: Let us provide a write up identifying your organization needs and our recommendations ($50).
Step 2: Hands-On Help For Your Organizing Projects


Need some organizing and want the hands-on help to get it done?  We can help you from three to thirty hours over any time span. Complete flexibility to fit your needs. The fee for hands on organizing help is $60 per hour.  We typically work in 3 hour blocks. 

Hands on organizing includes:

  • Hands-on assistance handling your trouble spots
  • Prioritization of your organizing projects
  • Customized time management strategies
  • recurring appointments if needed
Virtual Organizing

Maybe you’re not in Omaha, or need ongoing coaching but can do the hands on work yourself.  If this is you, we can help you thru video chat.  During the appointment, a professional organizer will examine your home, identify obstacles and brainstorm customized solutions with you. and prescribe customized ideas for a stress-free home.