Are you ready?

… Are you ready to learn how to stay organized on your own?

… Are you ready to identify what your REAL goals are?

… Are you committed to doing “homework” in between appointments?

… Are you ready for more than just organizing your home?

The Freshly Organized process is more than just an organized kitchen or closet, it can be life changing.  You will have the opportunity to really dig in to why you feel disorganized plus create customized solutions.  This goes beyond simple containers and labels.  We will examine natural tendencies, understand the flow of “stuff” in your home, and identify time management opportunities to help you achieve your goals.  Obstacles will be identified and strategies to overcome them will be introduced.  This will be a process, one space at a time and one conversation at a time.  Beginning the process is an investment in your future.

Let’s get organized and start the process.

Assessment Visit to Review Project, Share Ideas, and Strategize Plan of Attack

Getting organized is a journey. Having a more relaxed lifestyle is the destination. Let Freshly Organized help you begin the journey with this assessment. During the appointment, Amy Tokos, CPO® will examine your spaces, identify the challenges, and brainstorm opportunities for improvement.

The fee for this assessment is $250 and includes:

  • Assessment of full space/life organization
  • Review of goals
  • Create an organizational plan
  • Create a strategy for implementation of the plan
  • Create a schedule of follow up support need
Follow-Up Support For Your Organizing Projects

Part of this process will include follow-up appointments to support you in the process or get organized. You might need help actually getting things in place, or you might need an appointment to renew your motivation. Amy Tokos, CPO® is here to help. This process is completely flexible to fit your needs, timeline, and budget. The fee for the ongoing organizing help is $100 per hour.  

Ongoing organizing support includes:

  • Hands-on or virtual assistance with your trouble spots
  • Prioritization of your organizing projects
  • Continued discovery of space and time optimization opportunities
  • Progress check-ins and recurring appointments if needed