Why work with Amy?

Amy Tokos, CPO®  is your partner in creating a more intentional life. She is the secret to easier, less stress days. Her mission is to transform lives one person at a time.

Amy does this by creating customized solutions that are easy to maintain. She helps her clients identify goals and priorities, and tackle their challenges which include time management, focus management, streamlining processes, work/life integration and much more. 


A few things that make the Amy Tokos, CPO® special:

And finally, Amy believes in keeping it REAL. She does not perpetuate the myth that spaces always look perfect and your day will always run perfect. Her ultimate goal is to help you be your most productive self. 

Amy Tokos, CPO®, Founder of Freshly Organized

What do you love most about being a productivity professional? The things I love about my job include the opportunity to offer a different perspective, witnessing the transformation of the way people think about their time and how they benefit from better work/life integration.

Favorite type of productivity project? My favorite is creating solutions for more intentional focus time, which includes strategies to minimize distractions. 

 If you weren’t doing productivity consulting, what would you be? Believe it or not – a meteorologist! I geek out when storms are rolling in.

Hometown Hot Springs, Arkansas

Amy is currently representing the productivity and organizing industry as President of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. For Amy's media and speaking bio please go to AmyTokos.com