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Top 10 Tips to Get You Organized

  1. Evaluate everything. When you organize a closet or a drawer or a pantry or a filing cabinet, you have to take it all out and determine if you want it or need it. Sort into piles such as toss, recycle, donate, or sell.
  2. Don’t buy any organizational system (bins, baskets, shelving, etc.) UNTIL you have evaluated all the items you were going to “organize”.
  3. Create organizational systems that work for you and your family in the real, everyday world. Don’t alphabetize your pantry unless you can and want to sustain that system.
  4. Keep it as simple as possible. Especially for kids. This goes hand-in-hand with rule #2. You have to identify what the problem is and think of the easiest, most practical solution. Towels on the floor? Try hooks. Sports gear everywhere? Try a large bin near the garage or door for kids to simply drop their equipment in as they walk in. Shoes all over? Try a basket by the door.
  5. Think about your end goal. Don’t get sidetracked trying to make your home look like a page out of a Martha Stewart magazine. That does not eliminate stress, it only adds more!
  6. Honor your systems. This one is tough. Once you have put a practical organizational system in place the key to success is sticking with it. When you get off track, simply reestablish the system you put in place. Don’t get caught in a cycle of constantly recreating systems – it will just frustrate you and confuse your family! It takes practice to establish an organizational habit.
  7. Handle it now. If it only takes a minute or two, then handle it now and be done with it. Think: hang a coat, file a paper, sort and recycle the mail, sign a permission slip.
  8. Know your priorities. This helps you keep perspective and protect your time. You’re your priorities are top-of-mind, you are more likely to embrace what your home should look like in this particular stage of life. You are also more likely to recognize and decline activities, events, and invites that don’t line up with your current priorities. In other words, it keeps life simple.
  9. Put like things together. From errands to your pantry, consolidating is a way to simplify. Keeping similar items together and grouping similar tasks saves time and energy.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Don’t compare your organizational skills or systems with others. We are all wired differently and all have different priorities, lifestyles, schedules, budgets, homes, and so on and so on. Save yourself some time and energy and make yourself a whole lot happier by NOT comparing yourself or your family to anyone!

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