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What’s for Dinner?

Stumped by that daily question of what’s for dinner? Love trying new meals but no time to shop for all the ingredients? Thankfully, your cries for help have been heard. There are many options to help solve your dinner dilemma. Some of your choices are geared for the health conscious and some are providing home cooked comfort foods. There are single options as well as family plans. What do you have a taste for?

Ingredients Delivered ( is a local company that provides ingredients for home cooked meals prepared and delivered weekly to your door. A monthly subscription that provides three meals per week for 3-4 people cost $55/week. Choose your meals for the week and the ingredients are delivered on Monday.

Then there are the national companies helping us out also:

Blue Apron ( and Hello Fresh (www.hellofresh) are national companies that provide prepared ingredients for home cooked meals. Hello Fresh lets you pick your recipes. One nice feature is they give each one a prep time and a difficulty rating. The cost is about $10 per person for a meal. Blue Apron runs about the same price. Each of their meals has a 35 minute prep time and their recipes do not repeat through the year.

Fresh and Lean ( is another option. They provide fresh ingredients that are plant based, gluten free and organic. Their standard package is 3 meals a day for $28 per day. Delivery is on Friday

BistroMD ( provides healthy frozen meals geared towards weight loss and health conditions with dietary restrictions. They have 5 or 7 day programs that provide three frozen meals a day. The cost runs $150-$180 per week per person

If you like to chop your own veggies but don’t have time to do the shopping. Omaha, we can now do our grocery shopping from the comfort of our home.

Hy-Vee (  and Bakers ( have online shopping set up. You can pick up the groceries and Hy-vee will even deliver. If you order early in the morning, you can get your groceries that afternoon. The service is free at HVee if you spend over $100, which isn’t hard for a family.  The online shopping gets easier the more you do it. Both stores will auto fill your shopping pages with your previously ordered items. One recommendation: Shop with a list. You don’t have the visual of your empty or full basket like you do when you are at the store. A list can help you stay on track and get what you really need.

Amazon ( Prime Pantry for Amazon Prime members is quick, easy and well priced with free two-day delivery. Not a good solution if you are out of toilet paper but if you can plan ahead, they have a great price point on pantry and household items.

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