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What’s the First Step?

I was recently discussing a project with a client. The project was something that they had procrastinated for a few months because it felt daunting. As they were describing the project, I even started to get overwhelmed. That feeling made me pause the conversation to ask “What is the first step?”

This moved us to a more specific focus. What’s really amazing is after my client identified the first step, they lit up with excitement. They then went to their computer to do get started. It was discovered that the second step was right there and pretty easy. Next thing we knew, the task was done. Ok really, it took about 30 minutes.

I am guessing most of you can relate to this story. If you are feeling overwhelmed, start at the beginning. What’s the first step? Then what’s next. Working on a project piece by piece will move you forward. Just beginning is good.

~Amy Tokos,CPO® founder of Freshly Organized

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